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First Steps in Mastering the mind

Attention Economy: The MYTH of multitasking and TWO rules to become more efficient. In the previous article (Mindless in the workplace: have you P.A.I.D. the price?) we focussed on the notion that we (humans, people…workers) develop automaticity towards indulging, often without conscious awareness of it, in increasing levels of distracting thoughts, conversations, images, memories and many more expressions of the mind’s ‘doing-for-its-own-sake’ clutter. We also established that, generally speaking, the trend in the workplace has been one of increasingly spending time trying to catch-up on infinitely growing TO-DO lists, feeling less productive over time, leading to needing to spend more time working (or working faster then usual – right?) and therefore to ever-so tightening deadlines – in turn leading to reduced productivity and greater stress about...


Mindless in the workplace: have you P.A.I.D. the price?

Some typical work habits and distractions With a third of our lives (and usually around half of our waking day - or more) working in our job, looking after the children, family or clients, it makes perfect sense to fantasise as to how somehow we could find a life ‘recipe’ with less effort but better quality and experience of work. These fantasies tend not to be about spending more but about spending less time at work and more having fun, being with those with love, or perhaps doing something pleasurable. Do you find yourself doing that? I do and it is quite catchy. But that is just a fantasy right? It’s just one of those distracting thoughts we may simply have ahead of a pile of...