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***2018 News***

***2018 News***

Thank you to all our followers, clients and supporters who believe and experience the various benefits of evidence based, modern western mindfulness in their work, lives, relationships and performance. The whole JsyIMC team (all of whom have experienced the benefits) are ever so grateful for your support this year.

Also, we are really pleased to share some great news:

– This year we have been fortunate enough to develop our corporate, athletes, C-Suite and Government provision which have enabled us to consult, formally evaluate and deliver or schedule delivery of mindfulness in various contexts including stress, leadership, workplace, persistent pain and fatigue and at all levels in organizations.

– We have developed and provided seminars, masterclasses, workshops and exhibits in the Channel Islands, UK and even Dubai this year with also current discussions about providing for some well known and leading organizations as far as Asia. It’s just been an amazingly rewarding year!

– The final icing on the cake was our MD, Dr Alessio Agostinis, being awarded a honorary Research Fellowship by Liverpool John Moores University, meaning he will be involved in formally researching and contributing to the understanding of mindfulness processes here in Jersey!

As a result, however, our capacity for Saturday courses has had to be decreased for now and next year we are only running two 8-weeks Breathworks Accredited mindfulness for stress courses and drop in sessions (link to dates and booking below) starting in March and September respectively so if you haven’t yet booked a space, now is the time:


However, some more good news:

– We will be running regular corporate and workplace taster sessions right in St Helier town centre on selected Fridays (12:15-13:00) for small audiences interested in the potential benefits of mindfulness for the workplace and on how to implement it successfully

– For those who have attended courses with us previously, we are looking at half-day refresher workshops if you have got a little rusty wth the practice and the knowledge that makes it so useful and so much easier to do

– Finally, we are exploring locations for a 2-3 day mindfulness retreat in the neighbouring islands and/or France, for those of you wishing to deepen your practice: restful locations, lovely food (we plan to start with non vegetarian cooking), long meditations and some healthy periods of silence are a few of the key aspects that make retreats so helpful and we want to get it right.

if you are interested email us of message us via our FB page @JsyIMC

Wishing you a mindful, loving, living and rewarding 2018

The team at JsyIMC

Alessio Agostinis

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