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JsyIMC’s mindfulness consultants are always educated at Doctoral level and/or have full accreditation, practice and continued professional development in line with UK recommended standards

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Who We Are And What We Do

Examples of Our Performance at JsyIMC

Example benefits from one of our JsyIMC bespoke courses to support a Doctoral in Business Administration project (Rivoallan, G. , in writing)

Greater Mindfulness

Improved Resilience

Increased Life Satisfaction

Decreased Mood disturbance

A More Friendly Workforce

Increased Vigour-Activity

Decreased Anger-Hostility

Less Confusion

Improved Fatigue/Inertia

Improved Tension/Anxiety

Significant improvements in Depression

ALL despite no change in Perceived Stress

JsyIMC expertise and the Team

At Jersey International Mindfulness Centre (JsyIMC) We are passionate about providing both a superior experience and tremendous value for our customers. We also support with the provision of bespoke yet methodologically sound audit and research-based consultation, courses and evaluation to suit the needs of a wide range of groups and for an equally diverse range of difficulties.

Workplace, performance, sports, challenges of exams, stress, long term health conditions and corporate wellbeing are only a few of the key words in our daily grinding and range of expertise.

All our providers are Doctoral or Postgraduate level and/or accredited to the highest standards in mindfulness, psychology or psychological research.

Furthermore, all our staff no matter their role (management, office, media, marketing, administrative) have attended and completed a full mindfulness course and, as such, have full understanding and belief in what we offer (it is a requirement to join our team!)

Meet the Team

Dr Alessio Agostinis

Leading JsyIMC, Dr Agostinis is our Managing Director, a Chartered Consultant Clinical and UK Registered Practitioner Psychologist. Dr Agostinis is a fully trained Mindfulness Teacher. He has extensive 15-years experience with various psychological and long term health difficulties. He is fully Accredited with Breathworks Mindfulness, a leading international provider and part of the UK Network for Mindfulness Teachers and Trainers.

He meets and maintains the standards set by the UK Network for Mindfulness Based Teacher Training Organisations, recommended for those who teach mindfulness courses. He has also contributed to the National guidance on Mindfulness for Clinical Psychologists, currently being developed by the Division of Clinical Psychology of the British Psychological Society.

Dr Agostinis leads the provision of Courses and Mindfulness based input at Jersey International Mindfulness Centre. He and his team of highly qualified assisting consultants provide teaching, consultation, research and audit input to individuals, including the general public, VIPs, high performance athletes, high-level business and a wide range of corporate clients. He regularly provides psychological and mindfulness consultation, workshops, seminars, taster sessions and mindfulness-implementation expertise to various senior leadership teams, organisations, welfare directors and officers and colleagues in the healthcare and sports related professions.

Carly Silvester

Carly’s role is  our office manager at Jersey International Mindfulness Centre so she is the person to call with any queries related to our availability or to arrange a meeting with Dr Agostinis.

using her won words Carly explains: “I enjoy being part of a business that helps people who are struggling with the stresses and strains of modern life and the high speed society that we now live in. It is so rewarding to see the difference in people after following the mindfulness course”.

Outside of work she enjoy exercise and she has two very active children who are members of the junior triathlon club so she decided to give triathlon a go herself! She figured… “if they can do it then so can I”! Carlyl finds it also a great stress reliever and the challenge of training in three disciplines really  keeps her on her toes! Practising Mindfulness techniques as she runs along the beautiful beach front in Jersey is a great start to her day. Carly also uses mindfulness breathing techniques before a race to calm her pre-race nerves.

She really loves her job!

Oliver Agostinis

Oliver’s role at JsyIMC is assisting Dr Agostinis and the team with media related queries and developments, whenever necessary. He has previously attended and assisted on mindfulness courses and is currently studying for his A levels at Hautlieu school after successfully completing  GCSE’s in May – July 2017.

Some of his hobbies include: video games, football, and socialising with friends. He also has achieved a 1st degree black belt in Taekwondo at the age of 14 and has taken part in a range of activities with school such as skiing and travelling abroad.

Gabriella Street

Gabriella’s role is our graphic designer at Jersey International Mindfulness Centre. She also does photography and loves to paint, so she is the creative one in our team. She has previously attended one of our mindfulness courses, so is passionate about what we do