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JsyIMC’s mindfulness consultants are always educated at Doctoral level and/or have full accreditation, practice and continued professional development in line with UK recommended standards

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Mindfulness is Proven to Improve:

Mental Health

In recent years, psychotherapists have turned to mindfulness meditation as an important element in the treatment

Physical Health

If greater well-being isn’t enough of an incentive, scientists have discovered the benefits of mindfulness techniques help improve physical health in a number of ways.

Performance and Focus

Improved focus and sustaining attention. More cognitive flexibility and creativity, with reduced mind wandering.


Being mindful makes it easier to savor the pleasures in life as they occur; helps you become fully engaged in activities; and creates a greater capacity to deal with adverse events.


A taster session or a full/half day workshop are useful if you are considering embarking on a longer course for yourself or your organisation.

Accredited Courses

Part taught and part practical sessions, to learn and also adapt the practice into your daily life with one of our experienced and accredited teachers.

Mindfulness for Business

Mindfulness for Business and Entrepreneurs (MfBE) was developed by JsyIMC to support the research thesis for a Doctorate in Business Administration


Group-based residential between 5-10 nights.

Latest News

All the latest news from the Jersey International Mindfulness Centre.


Mindfulness Progression


Happy Customers

Just completed the Breathworks accredited MBSR course with Alessio and I highly recommend it. A fantastic course with interesting, useful content facilitated by an inspirational teacher. The mindfulness skills we were taught can start to be applied after the first session and have lifelong benefits. I really looked forward to each week's lesson. I highly recommend this 8 week course with Alessio for everyone!


When I was living in Jersey, I reached out to Alessio to gain some experience alongside a Clinical Psychologist. From the outset, he was extremely generous in the time and energy he dedicated in assisting me. When working on his Mindfulness course, I was taken aback by his passion for the topic area and the dedication he had in implementing the course. The comments I have read from people on the course have been thoroughly positive, about both its contents and especially Alessio as their teacher.


Just completed 8 week mindfulness course with Alessio - great course, fantastic teaching which has made a difference already x


Fantastic session with Alessio today, truly 'mind opening' I would recommend it to everybody. I wish I had met the guy sooner. Thank you

Lewis Smith

high-performance athletes workshop

I did an 8 week Mindfulness course with Alessio at Jersey Hospice in February 2015 and it was really beneficial for both stress and insomnia. Alession is an awsome person and really believes in what he does, which comes through in his classes (and the results). I would highly recommend his course to anyone who needs help. Also the people you meet on the course are all like minded lovely people. Thanks Alessio


8-week course attendee

I did an 8 week MBSR with Alessio and he is wonderful at leading the course. Right from the first session you feel very welcome but at the same time under no pressure. The sessions are organised and exact but taught in a laid back manner. Alessio uses several interesting methods to get his point across which are very imaginative and really make you see things from a new perspective. There was also time for anyone to input who wanted to. It was refreshing to be guided by someone who is actually helpful. The practice helped hugely with stress. The challenge now is to continue.


8-week course attendee

Excited about the new direction it may take me. It's really opened my mind and made me pay more attention.

Developed an ability to calm my thoughts and connect my mind positively to my life and those around me.