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JsyIMC’s mindfulness consultants are always educated at Doctoral level and/or have full accreditation, practice and continued professional development in line with UK recommended standards

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Mindfulness for Business and Entrepreneurs

Our signature package: ‘Mindfulness for Business and Entrepreneurs (MfBE) was developed following a research project linked to a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA).

This course for business, entrepreneurs and the workplace in general has an explicit focus on making more efficient and valued life choices, improving performance in the workplace, increasing efficiency, time management and reducing waste of metal and physical activity, whilst developing mindfulness skills and practice.

MfBE was experimentally researched on a sample of business people and entrepreneurs. Scientifically evaluated data of this group, showed a significant improvement in resilience throughout the course which was maintained or further improved at follow up. Participants reported significant improvements in fatigue, mood, friendliness, vigour, life-satisfaction, anger/hostility, confusion and tension/anxiety, as well as clinically significant improvements in their mood.

This course has an explicit focus on improving performance in the workplace through stress management and attention training techniques, increasing efficiency, time management, and specifically reducing waste related to unnecessary emotional, cognitive and physical reactivity. It also focuses on improving work-life balance.

2-day MfBE Masterclass

Our 2-day Master class covers thefull 8 week course in two days. In this format, MfBE brings the advantage of ‘high-dosage’ mindfulness knowledge and input in a short period of time. Particularly suited for corporates and sports settings with limited time availability, those logistically challenged, or with full teams to train.

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